The game of pickleball, what an adventure. It all started when a bunch of my college friends where gathered one afternoon. It was a warm sunny day and we decided to go play pickleball at Chicken N Pickle. Not knowing what pickleball was I jumped in the car and we headed that way. We got out and this property amazed me, it was so big but almost every inch was covered with something to do. We went to rent paddles and this old guy greeted us and told us what to do. This man being my good friend now, Dan the Man Leddy, explained where to go and how to play. We played for at least 3 hours and I went home thinking how great of a game it was. The next day I went back to my home town way out west and got to see some of my old highschool friends. We were trying to figure out the plan and guess one of the two options, yep CNP to play pickleball. We loaded up the cars and l was off to play pickleball again. We got there and guess who greeted us Dan the Man. While playing there I for the last week had been looking for a job. I ended up talking to Dan about who the manager was. He introduced me to this French guy that I could barley understand. He told me to come back the next day for an interview. Long story short, I ended up getting the job and now I have the pleasure to interact with the best people that come into CNP, the regular pickleballer. You will never find a better place to meet stress free people than around a pickleball court!

Wichita, KS