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St. Charles

Family 4 for $44.99

Food for the whole coop!

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The Family 4 for $44.99

Want to feed your flock something delicious? Come on in to Chicken N Pickle for a peckin’ good time for your entire roost.  

Dinner should be more than a meal-it’s a memory! And with our dinner special, it keeps it economical enough for you to add in dessert (and some craft cocktails for the adults, too!) 

Join us Sunday-Wednesday to enjoy ½ Rotisserie Chickens (3), and family-style mashed potatoes and gravy, broccolini, and Bill’s Salad (without chicken). 

You can stay and play, or eat and retreat—as long as you raise your roost right with the Family 4 for $44.99 at Chicken N Pickle. 

Dine-in only 


In St. Charles, MO, Chicken N Pickle welcome you to our coop with a dinner experience that is a peckin’ good time.  In St. Charles, family, friends, food, and flavor come together for the most fun-filled dinner for your flock. Immerse yourself in a vibrant atmosphere as you explore a menu filled with expertly crafted dishes. From our signature chicken dishes to cravable shareables and craft cocktails, you can relax and let us take care of everything. Make dinner more than dinner—make it a memory here at Chicken N Pickle in St. Charles.