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Milan Rane on the Chicken N Pickle Pro Team

March 14, 2023

Milan Rane on the Chicken N Pickle Pro Team

Milan Rane is on the Chicken N Pickle Pro Team

Meet Milan Rane, a 24-year-old woman originally from Saudi Arabia, who currently resides in Boca Raton, FL. Milan's passion for fitness and athleticism began at a young age, as she started playing tennis when she was just five years old. She went on to become a Certified Group Fitness instructor and taught fitness classes in college.

Milan's interests extend beyond fitness, as she enjoys kickboxing as a hobby and has recently become obsessed with playing pickleball. In fact, her goal for this year is to medal in as many tournaments as possible.

Milan is no stranger to travel and adventure, having attended boarding school in Rome, GA. She is currently furthering her education by pursuing a Masters degree in Digital Strategy from the University of Florida.

Milan's drive and ambition don't stop there, as she currently works for Overstock as a Paid Search Specialist. Milan's biggest supporters in life are her two older brothers, who have encouraged and motivated her throughout her journey. Get to know Milan and follow along as she continues to achieve her goals and pursue her passions.