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Family 4 for $44.99

Food for the whole coop!

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The Family 4 for $44.99

Want to feed your flock something delicious? Come on in to Chicken N Pickle for a peckin’ good time for your entire roost.  

Dinner should be more than a meal-it’s a memory! And with our dinner special, it keeps it economical enough for you to add in dessert (and some craft cocktails for the adults, too!) 

Join us Sunday-Wednesday to enjoy ½ Rotisserie Chickens (3), and family-style mashed potatoes and gravy, broccolini, and Bill’s Salad (without chicken). 

You can stay and play, or eat and retreat—as long as you raise your roost right with the Family 4 for $44.99 at Chicken N Pickle. 

Dine-in only 


In the heart of Grapevine, TX, Chicken N Pickle invites you to casual, delicious dinner where friends and family can feel comfortable. Tantalize your tastebuds with seasonal favorites and craft cocktails. Our Grapevine location is more than a restaurant; it’s the coolest backyard with the tastiest bites around. As the evening unfolds, relish the joy of exceptional flavors, or play some yard games, bringing a unique twist to your dinner plans. Elevate your average night and  join us in Grapevine. Welcome to the Coop!