Metro Kansas City Restaurant Owners Worry They’re ‘Not Ready To Flourish’ Under Reopening Rules

By: Anne Kniggendorf

Chicken N Pickle in North Kansas City is operating under Clay County guidelines and is staying positive about the situation.

Regional Operations Manager Bill Koning says that their menu is locally sourced and designed for flexibility even under normal circumstances. So far, he’s not concerned about the supply side of the business.

“We have chefs in our kitchen who can read and react to the market and our menu is fluid,” Koning says. “If there is an interruption, whether we anticipated it or not, we’ll be able to move and pivot to continue to provide the food that people are accustomed to.”

While they’re cleared to open at 25%, for the well-being of employees and guests they opened on May 4 at 10% instead, Koning says.

Pickleball courts also opened at 25% on May 4 with staggered play, for a total of 32 possible simultaneous players.

Koning says he’s seen a great return rate from furloughed workers, though some have opted to wait until they feel safer in public.

“The restaurant industry is very family centered and we’re here to help,” Koning says. “We have a very special job in getting to feed and nourish families and create opportunities for people to connect.”

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