“Outreach International held their first-ever Pickleball tournament to fund their work in 10 countries.

People playing Pickleball in North Kansas City helped fight poverty around the world. Outreach International teamed up with Chicken N Pickle for a tournament with a mission.

Serving hope and smashing poverty. That’s what a Saturday Pickleball tournament was all about. The fundraiser at Chicken N Pickle raised money for Outreach International. “We work to empower communities in other countries,” said Ellen Goyer, who works for the nonprofit.

The money raised will help fund their development projects in ten different nations. “We help communities to identify the issues that they’re facing that are related to poverty,” Goyer explained, “and then we work with them to help implement solutions.”

She says there’s an element that makes their mission unique. “The community members themselves are always at the forefront of the identifying solutions and the implementation of those projects,” said Goyer.

The tournament is a chance to get Kansas City involved. “We’re able to bring our local community and people who don’t get to travel around to kind of connect with what we’re doing,” said Cassidy Miller, who also works for Outreach International.

No matter what the score, it was a win for the nonprofit and those they serve. “It’s just really heartwarming to see so many community members coming together and supporting our mission and helping people internationally,” said Goyer.

In addition to the ticket sales, Chicken N Pickle donated 10 percent of all food and drink sales during the tournament to Outreach International.”

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