“My family and I had the most wonderful time at Chicken N Pickle, especially since we trained with Angy Gensch. Although he is a professional player, Andy worked with us without any pomp or circumstance. He is so down-to-earth and absolutely never derided us when we played poorly. Rather, he used his expertise to affirm our good moments and constructively critique our weakness. He taught us so much about the strategy of “smart” pickleball play and we left his tutelage felling all the wiser. Andy is patient, kind, personable, friendly and excellent as a coach and player. He worked as easily with our 9-year-old son as he did with my husband and I. And of course when our son teamed with Andy, they beat us every time. But more than the competition, we enjoyed watching Andy teach our son en route to their wins. Andy and the entire staff made us feel at home. If you want a fun, family-friendly atmosphere, go to Chicken n Pickle. If you want to enhance your time there and learn how to up your pickleball game, train with Andy Gensch!! You won’t regret it. We’re going back when we can”

-Kemetris Baltrip