“I took an hour-long lesson from Andy a couple of weeks ago because I wanted to take my game to the next level. I was an experienced tennis player so I had decent skills, to begin with, yet, I was not a true “pickleball player”.

We covered many different areas in our lesson but focused on the drop shot and the dink game. Andy was able to spot and help correct a flaw in my drop-shot technique, and in not time I hit twelve in a row from the baseline. The lesson was an excellent workout, and in between drills he would talk about strategy, as well, like the offensive dink and the importance of being patient.

He also helped me find some competitive games, which I did two days later. I was able to immediately¬†put my new-found skills to use and more than held my own against some very experienced players. The 3rd shot drop shot is now a permanent part of my game and feels natural, now.”

-David Shirk