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Kansas City

Wine Walk

Join us for our annual Wine Walk event this October.



In the heart of October, we cordially invite you to our annual Wine Walk Event, taking place at each Chicken N Pickle location. These gatherings serve a noble purpose – supporting local breast cancer awareness organizations. Your ticket, priced at $30 per person, not only grants you access to multiple wine tastings but also contributes to the welfare of our community. Enjoy the event with a small food sample and take home a souvenir cup to remember the day. Join us in raising awareness and funds for a vital cause.


Wine Walk: 10/4 at 6 pm

BENEFITING: Bosom Buddies of Arizona

The mission of Bosom Buddies is to increase awareness by prevention, early detection and to provide support to women and men diagnosed with breast cancer, and their families; through the sharing of common experiences and knowledge, the hotline, support groups, social media, and educational materials.


October 11th at 6 pm

BENEFITING: Mammogram Poster Girls

Mammogram Poster Girls raise awareness and funds for the early detection of breast cancer and mammograms for those in need.


October 19th at 6 pm

BENEFITING: Cancer StrongHer

Cancer StrongHER promotes an active lifestyle for female survivors of all types of cancer through fitness boxing, tennis, yoga, rowing, Pilates, FitCamp and other activities that are free-of-charge to all participants. The fight against cancer does not stop with the last drip of chemotherapy, the last zap of radiation, or the last stitch from surgery and neither should support for these women. Cancer StrongHER helps survivors regain and maintain their strength to keep them “fight ready!”


October 5th at 6 pm

BENEFITING: KC Pink Warriors

KC Pink Warriors is a community of female cancer survivors who inspire, restore, and empower through dragon boat competitions and team connections.


October 5th at 6 pm

BENEFITING: Breast Cancer Survivors- Oklahoma

Breast Cancer Survivors Oklahoma operates entirely through the service and commitment of our dedicated volunteers. Therefore all proceeds from every source of funding goes toward our mission.   BCSOK was founded in October, 2019 by a group of breast cancer survivors with a mission to assist, comfort, encourage, bring hope and support to those fighting breast cancer.  A sisterhood was formed.  We focus on being there for our members on a personal level, throughout their entire journey from the beginning, during and after breast cancer treatments are finished..


October 12th at 6 pm

BENEFITING: Peace Out Cancer

We loan recliner lift chairs, free of charge, to patients undergoing breast cancer surgery to aid in recovery. We believe breast cancer patients should never feel alone in their journey, and there is a “boost” that comes from being surrounded by a community of love, kindness and positivity.

Our mission is to empower breast cancer patients in their battle with a sense of peace, hope and strength. Founded and run by local Kansas City women who have provided recliner/lift chairs to over 1,200 cancer patients since


October 11th at 6 pm

BENEFITING: Overcomers

Overcomers is a breast cancer 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and a sisterhood for breast cancer survivors.Our mission is to be real in sharing our needs, build strong foundational relationships, and walk out our journey in victory serving others.


October 5th at 6 pm

BENEFITING: Victory in the Valley

Victory in the Valley provides practical and emotional support to cancer patients and their families in Wichita & throughout Kansas.