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Alumni Events

Hosting Alumni Events at Chicken N Pickle in Grapevine, Texas, is an unparalleled experience due to its perfectly blend of fun, warmth, and convenience. As a top venue choice, it offers a unique space that is not only easy to plan but also equipped with a very friendly staff ready to assist with every detail. The environment is warm and welcoming, making it an ideal place for reconnecting with old friends and creating new memories. With its well-maintained pickleball courts and delectable chicken, it’s a venue that effortlessly combines sports, dining, and entertainment. This best-in-town location adds a dash of excitement and uniqueness to your parties, putting forward innovative ideas to ensure your event is memorable. From planning to execution, Chicken N Pickle guarantees a seamless and enjoyable experience for all, making it the top choice for alumni events in Grapevine, Texas.


We are the Place for your Next Event

Host your next birthday party, fundraising event, corporate event, rehearsal dinner and so much more with us! Our location features nine unique indoor and outdoor event spaces to host groups of 20 to more than 1,000. Our property includes twelve pickleball courts (8 indoor, 4 outdoor), full-service bars and on-site catering. Our on-site event planners will assist you with all your needs!