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San Antonio

Family 4 for $44.99

Food for the whole coop!

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The Family 4 for $44.99

Want to feed your flock something delicious? Come on in to Chicken N Pickle for a peckin’ good time for your entire roost.  

Dinner should be more than a meal-it’s a memory! And with our dinner special, it keeps it economical enough for you to add in dessert (and some craft cocktails for the adults, too!) 

Join us Sunday-Wednesday to enjoy ½ Rotisserie Chickens (3), and family-style mashed potatoes and gravy, broccolini, and Bill’s Salad (without chicken). 

You can stay and play, or eat and retreat—as long as you raise your roost right with the Family 4 for $44.99 at Chicken N Pickle. 

Dine-in only 


Experience it all at Chicken N Pickle in San Antonio, TX the coolest background hang coupled with delicious dinner for your flock. Our San Antonio location invites you to savor the fusion of flavors that define our menu, expertly crafted to delight every palate. From signature rotisserie chicken dinners to a vast array of shareable apps, delectable desserts, craft cocktails and cold brews, we have something for everyone in your flock. Join us for an extraordinary dinner experience in the heart of San Antonio, where the harmony of exceptional food and a welcoming atmosphere creates an ambiance like no other.