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Dear Team:

This is the most difficult time I have experienced in 40 years working in the hospitality industry. Nothing prepares you to for a global pandemic; the loss of life, the seclusion and the sudden furlough of our friends and families.

The constants of social life are missing; graduations, weddings, birthdays, retirement parties, baptisms. Daily rites, like coffee talks, staff meetings and happy hour are sorely missed. There is deep anguish over cancelled life events; marriages, funerals, church, proms, family get-togethers and witnessing the birth of a child.

Being stuck in the middle is confusing stuff for me; not knowing when this will end or when we will be able to wrap our arms around this uncertainty and transition. What I do know is that we need to process the loss of what was and embrace the promise that has not yet been realized.

We are no longer exactly who we were and not yet what we are going to become. Now that we are separated, we can take the time to reflect and prepare to begin again acting in a different way. I pray that this will transform us and that we will re-emerge, united as a stronger nation, community and family.

While I am personally heartbroken by these events, I look forward to reunification of our Chicken N pickle family. Until that day; I wish you health and hope.

All my best,

Bill Crooks