Fall Cocktails


Royal Honey Cider $9

A perfect cocktail for a crisp Fall day. Made with Crown Royal Canadian Whiskey and our house-made Honey Apple Cider then finished with a cinnamon stick for garnish.

Long Autumn $10

This is perfect reminder of Grandma’s apple pie with Crown Royal Apple, Sailor Jerry’s Rum, house-infused Cinnamon Vodka. Butter Shots, Sour Mix and Cranberry Nice, with a Cinnamon Sugar Rum and Apple Slice Garnish.

Muddy Mary $10

Vodka, Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice, house-made BBQ sauce, Worcestershire, A1, Pickle Juice, Tabasco, and Horseradish. A classic done the Chicken N Pickle way.

Tom’s Loaded Pumpkin $9

Only thing better than Bourbon in the Fall, is pumpkin spiced Bourbon. This cocktail starts with local Tom’s Town Bourbon, house-made pumpkin spiced simple syrup and topped off with club soda.

Fall Day Rosé Sangria $10

This Sangria starts with a Rosé, Cointreau, Blackberries, Oranges, Apples and is finished with a splash of club soda for a crisp and refreshing cocktail.

Knotty Cherry $10

This grown up Cherry Limeade takes twists and turns with sweet and citrus. Smirnoff Cherry Vodka, house-made Sweet and Sour Simple Syrup, Grenadine, and a Mist Twist.

The Smash $9

Our Smash blends the light and crips flavors of mint and blackberry with sweet and smokey Makers Mark Bourbon to produce a perfectly refreshing cocktail.

How Do you Like Them Apples? $10

A Fall inspired Margarita mad with Cabo Wabo Reposado Tequila. Honey Simple Syrup, Lime Juice, and finished with Louisburg Cider Mill Apple Cider.

Happy Hour

3-6 PM Monday – Friday

16 oz PBR, Hamms, Schlitz, Miller High Life $2.50


Glass of Wine $5

Seagrams 7&7 $3

House Margaritas $5

Fireball Shots $3

Boulevard Tank 7 $5

All Day, Every Day!


Cabernet Sauvignon $8

Paso Robles | 2013

Chardonnay $8

Apaltagua Reserva
Italy | 2013

Rosé with Grapefruit $8

Ruby Red
France | 2016

Sauvignon Blanc $8

William Cole
Chile | 2016

Prosecco $8

Ca Furlan
Italy | 2016

Pinot Noir $8

The Path
California | 2014

Pinot Grigio $8

Cecson Apostle
Italy | 2015